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Located at the Senior School in Battle, we are open weekly during term time. For the most current holiday and opening hours, feel free to contact the Senior School office at Tel 01424 772385. If you have any questions outside these hours, you can also reach us via email at or speak with a helpful staff member at the Nursery.

Great news! Simmonds now offers free delivery on all school-specific items ordered directly at While uniform purchases will still be available online at, please note that they will no longer be offered at the Tunbridge Wells store.


Our Uniform

For your convenience, here’s a breakdown of the Nursery Uniform for both boys and girls:


  • Battle Abbey School Sweatshirt
  • Battle Abbey School Polo T-shirt
  • Trousers/shorts/jogging bottoms (any type)
  • Battle Abbey School Tabard


  • Battle Abbey School Sweatshirt
  • Battle Abbey School Polo T-shirt
  • Battle Abbey School Tunic (optional)
  • Trousers/shorts/skirts/jogging bottoms (any type)
  • Battle Abbey School Summer Dress (optional)
  • Battle Abbey School Tabard

Additionally, we have other essential items suitable for both boys and girls:

  • Wellington boots
  • All-in-one puddle-suit
  • Change of clothes
  • Tabard for lunch
  • Sun hat/winter hat and mittens
  • Sun cream
  • Comforter if needed

When it comes to shoes, we recommend Velcro fastenings as they allow children to be more independent compared to laces or buckles. We also advise avoiding tricky dungarees, belts, and buckle fastenings on clothing.

Lastly, to ensure a swift return of lost items to their rightful owners, kindly label all clothing and belongings.

Should you be interested, we try to maintain a stock of second-hand Nursery uniforms at the Prep School in Bexhill. For further details, don’t hesitate to approach a Nursery staff member.

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