Our Performing Arts Centre

The Performing Arts Centre or PAC occupies an elevated area behind the original stable block at the Abbey. An entirely stand-alone unit; the PAC features a small kitchen area or green room, private garden, toilets, break out practice rooms and a main space with a retractable partition that allows the hirer to extend the space considerably or keep it as two separate rooms.

The floor is sprung so is perfect for dance. There is a lighting booth and costume area. The performing space opens out on to a private enclosed lawn area accessible via French doors, which run the length of the side of the building.

The PAC represents a truly flexible and private space to run any course, camp, workshop or similar.

Four sound-proofed music pods are located adjacent to the performing arts center just off the lawn area. These are entirely modular, self-contained, and designed and manufactured locally in Battle. Featuring acoustically absorbent upholstered walls and ceilings they offer a sound transmission reduction of more than 51dBA. Great for break out musical sessions or indeed primal scream therapy!

Daily Hire Fee (9am – 5pm) – £280.00
Weekly Hire Fee (9am – 5pm) – £1000.00
Hourly Rate – £40.00

Please note: The PAC and The Pods are only available for hire during school holidays.

For the current availability schedule, please contact Debbie Grant on grantd@battleabbeyschool.com

Our Performing Arts Centre Space

The PAC boasts a thoughtfully designed layout that optimises functionality and adaptability. Equipped with a small kitchen area, commonly known as a green room, the venue caters to the diverse needs of its occupants. The highlight of the PAC’s versatility is its retractable partition, which allows users to effortlessly expand the space or create two separate rooms, depending on their requirements.

The flooring in the PAC is specially designed with a sprung surface, making it the perfect environment for dance camps and activities that necessitate a forgiving floor. Dancers and performers can confidently showcase their skills on this well-cushioned surface, which minimises impact and reduces the risk of injuries.

To accommodate the technical aspects of performances, the PAC features a dedicated lighting booth. This control centre ensures that lighting design can be precisely tailored to suit each production’s unique requirements, enhancing the overall visual experience for both performers and audiences.

Additionally, the PAC houses several smaller breakout practice rooms. These individual spaces serve as ideal rehearsal areas or private practice rooms, and many of them are equipped with a selection of musical instruments. Prior consultation with the PAC staff can provide an up-to-date list of available instruments for use, allowing performers to take full advantage of the facility’s musical resources.

Connecting with Nature

A notable feature of the PAC is its connection with the outdoors. Through a series of elegant French doors running along the side of the building, the performing space seamlessly opens up to a private enclosed lawn area. This picturesque outdoor area serves as an extension of the PAC, offering a tranquil setting for gatherings, performances, or simply enjoying the natural surroundings. The integration of indoor and outdoor spaces creates a harmonious environment where creativity can flourish and inspiration can be found.

Music Pods

By special arrangement, access can be granted to the adjacent music pods. These four modular units, introduced in Spring 2021, are entirely self-contained and locally designed and manufactured in Battle. Each pod features acoustically absorbent upholstered walls and ceilings, which effectively reduce sound transmission by an impressive 51 decibels (dBA). These pods provide an exceptional setting for breakout musical sessions, where musicians can explore their craft or engage in collaborative jam sessions. Additionally, the pods offer an ideal space for unconventional therapeutic practices, such as primal scream therapy, where individuals can freely express their emotions in a controlled and private environment.

Contact Us

To discuss your plans and explore the possibilities offered by the Performing Arts Centre, we encourage you to get in touch with Debbie. She can be reached via email at grantd@battleabbeyschool.com or by phone at 01424 772385. Debbie will gladly assist you in navigating the available resources and ensuring that your creative aspirations find the perfect home within the PAC.

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