Enrichment Curriculum

The Enrichment Curriculum at Battle Abbey Prep School

‘Enriching experiences outside the classroom are essential in ensuring that our children thrive and flourish. We offer extensive and varied extra curricular activities to suit everyone, including a wide range of sporting, academic and skill building clubs, House Competitions, Workshops and Trips and many sessions (as voted in by the school council) are simply about relaxing and having fun!

Participation in Forest School and Beach School coupled with frequent educational offsite visits allow children to transfer their learning and build their problem solving and teamwork skills. Our specialist staff (from both our Prep and Senior School) and our parent and community ‘real-life’ experts inspire and challenge pupils through talks, workshops and themed days. Our breathtaking historical grounds host exciting and memorable educational and social events organised for our children and their families.

Fundraising and outreach programs allow our students to develop an understanding of the real world and the importance of community. Our pupils develop a strong moral compass and a healthy appreciation for life. Regular school productions and musical concerts allow our students to develop their confidence and performing art skills. Our regular in-school challenges bring our House families together in mixed ages across the school to work together and support each other in a light-hearted and competitive manner.

A fun, but challenging, more able program affords additional opportunities for stretching our learners potential and giving children opportunities to really shine. Many students enter and experience great success in local and national competitions (both sporting and academic).’ Mrs Trudy Golding Director of Enrichment

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