Pastoral Care In Schools: The Battle Abbey Approach

Creating A Nurturing Environment Through Pastoral Care in Schools

At Battle Abbey School, we are committed to providing exceptional pastoral care for our students, recognising the profound impact it has on their overall well-being and academic success.

Our philosophy revolves around creating an environment where students feel cared for, heard, and accepted as unique individuals. The nurturing and inclusive atmosphere we foster at the Abbey forms a solid foundation for students to grow and thrive, both as learners and responsible citizens.


Pastoral Care

We strive to provide the best possible pastoral care at Battle Abbey School, believing that students will thrive in an environment in which they feel cared for, listened to and accepted as individuals. Here at the Abbey we foster a unique family atmosphere. It is our aim to uphold and to actively promote this ethos, recognizing that it provides a firm foundation in which students can grow and develop, both as learners and as citizens.

Building character is an integral part of what we do and permeates every aspect of life at Battle Abbey School. Instilling qualities such as honesty, respect for differences, moral principles, independence and thoughtfulness is something we value highly, and we place as much focus on these factors as we do on academic success. We are convinced that this dual approach is not only beneficial but essential in enabling students to leave school ready and prepared for a life and career beyond the Abbey walls.

However, we recognize that the adolescent years can be quite a turbulent time. Pressures at school (such as exams, relationships, homework) and the range of issues than can arise outside of school, can have a bearing on a student’s well-being and ability to cope. We make it our priority to help students, whatever form that takes, to ensure they feel cared for and supported through those difficult times.

There are a number of ways we seek to achieve this. All students are assigned a tutor, who they see on a daily basis. The tutor will generally be the first line of contact if a student is having any problems. However, students can also access support from the Head of Key Stage, the boarding team, teachers, the Senior Leadership team, the school counsellor, nurse and peer mentors. There are a great number of people that students can talk to and we always encourage them to do so.

We endeavour to react quickly to situations that arise but we also make it our goal to practise a preventative approach, where possible. This means educating students about an array of issues and equipping them with the knowledge and tools which will help students to avoid or navigate through these challenges more easily.

At Battle Abbey School we are fortunate to have senior students who act as exemplary role models to the younger students. It is not uncommon for older pupils to be seen helping younger pupils, whether in an informal or formal capacity. We believe that peer support has the potential to be extremely effective in providing pastoral care at grass root level. All Senior School students complete training and obtain qualifications in child protection, anti-bullying and exploitation and on-line safety.

Students and parents can access the School’s policies on Child Protection, Anti-bullying and Cyber-bullying on this website.

We take pastoral care very seriously at Battle Abbey School. However, if you have any concerns or questions relating to pastoral care, please contact Safeguarding on

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