Information For Parents

Information For Parents

The school can provide airport and railway transports to Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and the Eurotunnel stations at Ashford and EbbsFleet International. We have a fleet of mini buses that can be used to take groups of students to different transport hubs. Wherever possible we try to group students together and take them by minibus to reduce costs to parents. We have both male and female drivers and we are able to accompany minors to check in where required. Our drivers are very experienced and include driving instructors and an experienced chauffeur. We also supplement our vehicles and drivers with a very experienced and professional local taxi firm. We can also arrange transport for weekend leave and for any other events that arise throughout the term. Requests for school transport need to come via our Transport Form sent out to parents and guardians at the beginning of term. Please note that completed forms need to come from parents and guardians rather than from the student themselves.

If you want to spend the weekend at home/your friend’s house, you will need to see the house parent by Wednesday evening. They will need to know where you are going; what time you are leaving and coming back; how you are travelling there and with whom. They will need the contact details of the adult you are staying with. All this information should be communicated by e-mails or phone calls from your parents/guardians and Battle Abbey School. You need to return before supper on Sunday. We can arrange transport if we are given enough notice. Often the cost of this can be added to the school bill. The arrangements we have for exeats are designed to ensure the safety of our students.

Boarding Clubs and Trips
There are different clubs after school every day of the school week. We would like you to sign up for several of these. On the weekend there will often be a trips out to local attractions. Boarders are expected to sign up for a certain number of activities in the week and over the course of the weekend. Sixth Formers have more freedom of choice but we want an active boarding house where boarders have opportunities to participate in sport, and other social activities. This helps develop confidence, health, integration and friendships.

Weekend trips are advertised on the board in the Matrons Sit. If you would like to go on a trip just sign your name up and if there is a cost it will be added to your bill unless otherwise stated. You need to sign up for trips before the deadline so we can ascertain numbers. Any spare places will be offered to day students to aid mixing between the different component parts of the school. We take trips to ice skating, shopping, paintballing, cycling, and cultural trips. If you have an interest see a member of the boarding staff and we will try to arrange something for you.

Who do I turn to?
There will always be staff you can turn to if you are feeling unhappy or uncertain about anything. Your Heads of House and Heads of Boarding are also there to help you. Please refer to the notice boards in Matron’s Sit in particular if you want to discuss anything with a responsible person. Please note in particular that you can contact our Independent Person, Brian Flint.

Boarders Opinions
All Heads of Boarding are eager to help you sort out any problems that you have. If you have any suggestions please see any member of the boarding team or the Heads of Boarding and they will raise your issue. The points can be related to anything from cleaning to the food or even the purchase of items that will improve Boarding at Battle Abbey School. Remember, this is your school. A suggestions box will be kept in the boarding area. Also boarders can join various whole school committees to represent fellow students and there are opportunities to represent their forms in Year group and house meetings.

Where to stay and where to visit
There are a number of local Hotels both on the High Street and surrounding area.

The Abbey Hotel and Inn

Priors Lodge (air B and B)

Powdermills Hotel

Tollgate Farm House

There are a number of local attractions in Battle with the picturesque medieval town of Rye, Hastings, with its beautiful and historic Old Town, and the popular seaside resort of Eastbourne all worth visiting and a short drive away.

Battle Visitor Information

Eastbourne Visitor Information

Hastings Visitor Information

Rye Visitor Information

Appointing a Guardian

Every student whose parents are resident abroad must have a suitable guardian living in the UK. If you are unable to appoint a relative or acquaintance in this country, we suggest the use of a professional guardianship agency and we are happy to provide a list of contacts.

Please click here for the Schools Guardianship policy.

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