Meet our EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) cohort!

Meet our EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) cohort! This year our students are working on a variety of exciting and diverse EPQ projects including (among others) ‘How were witches in ancient Greco-Roman times perceived, and to what extent did that contribute to the stereotype of witches?’ ‘Organising a classic car show’. How does scouting affect the social development of young people?’ and ‘How has the ‘war on drugs’ negatively affected America from the 1960’s to the present day?’ Universities tell us that the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Level 3 is an excellent preparation for undergraduate study as it gives real evidence of independent, critical thinking. Students from Year 12 can opt to take the EPQ, alongside their A Level studies and will be taught skills such as researching effectively or time management. #EPQ #extendedprojectqualification

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