HALO annual Tree Plant

H.A.L.O. is a gathering of students who develop their skills further than the curriculum. It stands for ‘High Achievers’ Learning Opportunities’. We consider cognitive application in both practical and cerebral ways, taking influences from sources as diverse as Taskmaster, recent news events and university preparation advice. Many of these students go on to apply to Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities (but are made aware of other equally commendable opportunities, such as the creative industries or work placements). Mrs Montford, HALO co-ordinator, said; ‘Above all, HALO is about listening to each other, widening perspectives, demonstrating hidden talents and enjoying the times we meet. Students have discovered how a task in making a paper plane fly can lead to preparation for an engineering interview and that negotiation can involve group influence which among other things led to the selection of the tree of choice for this year’s HALO, a Japanese cherry tree. This year’s group: Thandi, Betsy, Lucy, Fran, Sasha, Ed, Reilly, Jack and Alfie, have been a pleasure to meet with and discuss alternative ways of thinking. They have their legacy tree planted and its blossom can be an analogy for the futures of these individuals who we are sure will take the opportunities they encounter beyond the Abbey walls’.

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