100% A* – B for this years EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) cohort

We are delighted to announce our latest EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) results. Phenomenal or outstanding are sometimes used too often when discussing ‘exam results’, but in this case, we think we are more than justified! The sheer number of students taking EPQs at BAS is staggering with 38 students in the process this year. The EPQ represents an opportunity for students to explore a project related to their curriculum studies but on a topic of their choice. The EPQ involves a lot of research and is favoured by Universities due to the independent nature of the work that needs to be undertaken to achieve a result. As for our 2024 EPQ cohort (nearly 75% of Year 13!) 69% of all EPQs were at A* (worth 28 points for University application). 84% were either A* or A grade while 100% were A* to B grade. No grader lower than a B! These results will open doors to universities through reduced grade offers for some, or possibly help pave an easier way into future careers for others. Most importantly, it has allowed them to explore a passion or interest, and learn some vital skills for future dissertations or work projects. The list of EPQ titles this year is beyond varied, but includes the likes of Annabel’s ‘Managing a Classic Sports Car Show’ (as some of our parents will remember from last year’s Big Picnic). Thandiwe’s ‘How does hair define your identity and culture’ Alfie’s ‘Magnetic Keyboard’ Alistair’s ‘Bacteriophage and Antibiotic Resistance’ project, Ellie’s ‘Self Help guide for how social media filters cause body dysmorphia’ and Luke’s ‘Short novel on a dystopian theme’. Well done to everyone involved including our wonderful EPQ coordinator Miss St. Aubyn and the many staff who acted as project mentors.

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