International Admissions

We extend our warmest greetings to families living abroad, and we are thrilled to welcome you into our inclusive educational community.

Whether you are planning to relocate to our locality or you’re looking to secure a boarding position for your child, your interest in our institution is greatly appreciated.

We urge you to reach out to our dedicated International Admissions team to acquire detailed information regarding the availability of openings within our prestigious institution. During this initial contact, we would appreciate receiving some basic details regarding the prospective applicant. This information allows us to provide a more personalised and efficient service.

A Vibrant Environment For International Admissions

We actively encourage families to pay us a visit and personally experience the vibrant and diverse environment of our school. However, we understand that due to geographic constraints or other unforeseen circumstances, this may not always be feasible. In such cases, rest assured that our accommodating Admissions Office will happily coordinate a virtual meeting via video conferencing platforms such as Skype or Zoom. These online interactions offer a chance to have an informal and insightful discussion with our esteemed Headmaster.

When a family feels assured and decides to go forth with a formal application, it would be necessary to complete and submit our Registration Form. To facilitate the process further, the Registration Fee would also need to be settled at this juncture.

Our Process

In our assessment process for non-UK resident students, we conduct a comprehensive review of the applicant’s academic records. This review focuses mainly on school reports covering the previous two years of the student’s education. To assess language proficiency, we conduct an online English Language assessment. Depending on the individual’s academic strengths and potential study track, we may request the applicant to also complete a Maths paper. For students aiming to join our esteemed Sixth Form, an additional assessment may be required, closely aligned with their chosen A-Level subjects.

An integral part of our admissions process is the interview with the Headmaster. We believe in the importance of personal interaction and its role in understanding the applicant better. However, should a personal visit prove challenging, this interaction can also be conducted online, ensuring that distance does not hamper your application process.

As a testament to our international reach and commitment, we maintain a UKVI licence, enabling us to sponsor students who need a visa to study in the UK. We uphold an ethos of inclusivity, and we strive to ensure that international students feel welcomed, supported, and prepared to achieve academic excellence within our institution.

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